Concrete Panel & Post Retaining Wall

Concrete Panel & Post Retaining Wall

Panel & post retaining walls Perth are structurally engineered and approved supplied and installed by professional contractors

We use panel and post retaining walls from Advanced Modular Retaining in Landsdale, it looks great and in 10 years of using them we have never had an issue. other common brands we prefer not to use include Wonderwall, Twinside and Bradfords

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Panel & Post with HardifencePanel & Post Retaining Walls

Panel & post retaining walls are a great cost effective, structurely engineered way to retain fence lines anything from 300mm high to 1.2m high, the posts are dug in as deep as they are high and are spaced 1.5 meters apart, there is limestone and a plain look panels that are great looking, stong and goes hand in hand with installing a fence at the same time, don’t deal with multiple contractors for your fencing jobs just get the best to do it from start to finish.









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