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For Direct Contact to our limestone block contractor please call Tom Sanders who works closely with Fosters Fencing as their preffered contractor with years of experience in all aspects of limestone block work, for all other aspects enquire with Fosters Fencing

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Concrete Panel and Post Retaining Walls

Concrete retaining walls are a great cost effective, structurely engineered way to retain fence lines anything from 300mm high to 1.2m high, the posts are dug in as deep as they are high and are spaced 1.5 meters apart, there is limestone and a plain look panels and are great looking, stong and goes hand in hand with installing a fence at the same time, don’t deal with multiple contractors for your fencing jobs just get the best to do it from start to finish.








Limestone Retaining Walls

 Limestone is the stongest way to retain your property, it looks fantastic and with special tools such as core drills you can install a fence directly ontop of the wall, this would be by far the strongest way to install a fence, however laying limestone is very labour intensive and can be costly.

 For Direct Contact to our limestone block contractor please call Tom Sanders with years of experience in all aspects of limestone block work

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Steel Plinth Retaining

This type of retaining fits directly under the bottom rail of your colourbond fence, its quite a thick heavy steel thats sealed, this sort of retaining is only good for 150mm to 300mm high, but is fantastic because no expensive walls have to be built on one side of the boundry because it goes directly under the fence, it’s cheaper than a wall definately but does not have the same strength but definately is good for retaining upto 300mm high




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