Fence Repairs
Fence Repairs

Storm Damage / Hardie – Hardy Fence / Insurance Claims / Pickets / Remove / Replace

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The most common repair work is to storm damaged hardie fence, the next most common would be rotting wooden picket fencing, hardie fence unfortunately does have a long life span, after 7 to 10 years it becomes brittle and once they crack & it’s like a domino effect and when wind catches one it pulls the rest down. Hardy fence will last better if no trees grow and crack the fence and its been correctly retained, and you do not put any extensions such as lattice which creates more weight on top of the fence. Insurance companies often take care storm damaged claims.

Repair work is sometimes not the best option because slowly but surely the rest of the fence will go at different intervels, sometimes just renewing a timber fence or upgrading hardy to Colorbond is the best way to go.

We can solve any repair problems you may have though and we will give you the right advice and leave you with options to choose from.







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