Frameless Glass Fencing

Frameless Glass Fencing

Semi Frameless / Frameless Glass / Framed / Tubular / Pool Compliant Gates / Aluminium

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Glass FencingGlass Fencing

There is a few styles of glass fencing, frameless, semi-frameless and all a 8mm, 10mm & 12mm toughened glass, it really will make the back yard look great. It’s not the cheapest of products and alot of care must be taken by good tradesman.

Semi frameless glass systems involve posts being concreted into core drilled holes in the ground. These posts have specially designed channels in them into which sheets of glass are lowered and then glazed to hold them in position.

 Fully frameless glass systems involve anchor spigots being grouted into core  drilled holes in the ground. These spigots have specially designed clamps into which sheets of glass are lowered into and then clamped into position and adjusted.




Tubular Pool FencingTubular Pool Fencing

This is a great option, comes in a range of colours and can be installed at a fairly cheap rate, with gates made to suit, it can fabricated to all sizes and shapes to fence off over retaining walls and corners, also can look great between piers on streetscaped walls out the front of houses. Tubular Fencing also has many different shaped tops available from loop top, gothic, windsor and spear heads.








Pool GatesPool Compliant Gates

All pool gate must now open outwards with the minimum fence or gate hight being 1.2m high although the latch has to be elevated to 1.5m high with self closing hings and self locking latch, with gates opening outwards it’s stop children from using chairs to open the gate and walk straight through, the best hinges and latches for pool fencing is the D&T Technologies Magna Latch and they’re spring loaded hinges, it is now law your gate follows these standards









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