Slat Gate

Fosters  Fencing Installs Gates of all sorts modern looking slat gates, to pinelap & picket gates, and of course colorbond, pool & security gates with locks, all gates can be fabricated to size



 Tubular Security Gates

Tubular GateTubular Gate

With a wide range of colours and decorative tops, all these gate can be prefabricated to any size and height you want, great for security  purposes and aesthetically pleasing, they go hand in hand with tubular fencing and front boundary feature walls and tubular fencing can be made to match either for front yards, pool areas or places like schools and day cares




Colorbond Gate

CB gate

Colorbond Gates


Colorbond gates look great they blend into the fence and come in a wide range of colours and can be fabricated to any size needed, a selection of different latches and locks can be used on all gates we install , also double gates for larger width access can easily be fabricated up to approximately 4m wide until they start getting too big, single gates a good up to just over 2m.


Double Gates

Double Gate





tubular gate

Pool Compliant Gates

All pool gate must now open outwards with the minimum fence or gate height being 1.2m high although the latch has to be elevated to 1.5m high with self closing hinges and self locking latch, with gates opening outwards it’s stop children from using chairs to open the gate and walk straight through, the best products on the market for self closing gate hinges and elevated gate latches



D&D Technologies












 Picket & Pinelap Gates

For both picket fencing gates and pinelap gates, for durability and strength a steel frame using 30mm square tubing is fabricated to match the height and width desired to fit between 2 gate post , usually timber gate posts would be used to match the existing posts already used in the timber fence. The pickets or palings (if pinelap) are then attached  to the steel frame in which ever way suits the fence, the Steel frame is much stronger than a wooden framed gate and is alot lighter so will last the good test of time, regular butt hinges and D-Latch would be installed as standard to lock the gate.









alislat gate

Aluminium Slat Gates

Aluminium is becoming a very popular choice for fencing and gates as an alternative to wood. Steel or Aluminium gates & fencing for your property will ensure an attractive and secure finish for your home or business. We supply and install high quality steel or aluminium products. Unlike wood aluminium fencing does not split, crack, rot, fade, shrink or bleed. It is not affected by termites and is very low maintenance also it comes in a range of colours.








D&D Technologies Deluxe  Lock Latch Pro

lok latch prolok latch pro


Neat looking gate latch designed for security with a barrel key locking mechanism the same as doors have, they have a push button on the outside of the  gate and a dropping latch on the inside of the gate that locks over the striker bar connects when the gate closes. Very good product for security as it can be locked and unlocked from botch sides even if a key is left in one side in the locked position.









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