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Colorbond fencing Perth contractors and installers, specializing in domestic colorbond fencing for over 10 yrs.

Only using genuine Bluescope Colorbond fencing steel we goto quality suppliers for colorbond fencing perth such as S&L Hardware in Wangara & Combined Metal Industries in Landsdale, which all have 10 yrs bluescope steel warranty’s on their product supplying all colorbond fencing perth

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Colorbond FencingColorbond Fencing Perth

Colorbond fencing is definately the most commonly installed fence now, it has a long life span and if installed correctly will stay for very many years, colorbond fencing is probably the cheapest easiest option for people it comes in a range of colours and can be installed and modified in all sorts of tricky situations, it really would be one of the best products on the market and with steel plinth retaining options now its become even better, be wary of cheap installers, it is very easy to make mistakes with colourbond like leave gaps under the fence, not enough concrete on one side of the post, misjudge hights, so it really helps have the experience, the knowledge and the eye for every possible senario.




Steel Plinth RetainingSteel Plinth Retaining

This type of retaining fits directly under the bottom rail of your colourbond fence, its quite a thick heavy steel thats sealed, this sort of retaining is only good for 150mm to 300mm high, but is fantastic because no expensive walls have to be built on one side of the boundry because it goes directly under the fence, it’s cheaper than a wall definately but does not have the same strength but definately is good for retaining upto 300mm high





Colorbond with Lattice Colorbond Fence with Lattice

Colourbond with lattice on top is quite a nice extra feature, it bumps the supply price of a standard fence panel up about 50% but thats because you require extra rails and longer posts because lattice will add 300mm to the hight of your fence, turning 1.8 high into 2.1m high, or 1.5high to 1.8m etc. It’s mainly just used for looks, like in people outdoor area’s but sometime its used just to raise the fence in a certain section for extra privacy

2.1 high Colorbond Fencing

This is just slightly higher panels you can get for extra security down lane ways, or if neighbours have raised patios and can see into your yard




GatesColorbond Gates

Colorbond gates look great they blend into the fence and come in a wide range of colours and can be fabricated to any size needed, a selection of different latches and locks can be used on all gates we install , also double gates for larger width access can easily be fabricated upto aproximately 4m wide untill they start getting too big, single gates a good upto just over 2m.











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