Security Chain Mesh

Security Chain Mesh

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Chain Mesh Chain Mesh & Cyclone Fencing

Ideal for secureing schools, parking lots, sport centres, the list is endless it can be used in a wide range of security applications because it’s a very versatile type of fencing and has many different finishes from laced rails or strained wire and extrensions for barbwire and different coloured plastic coated mesh, it can also be installed in temporary type fashions which is still secure and strong but is an extremely cheap and quick to install long meaterage.






PalisadePalisade Fencing

A structurely very secure fence intended for keeping people out used mainly at train/power stations and commercial facilities needing high security fencing, Palisade security fencing is constructed using a post, rail and paling system that has long been regarded as offering the most effective anti-intruder security fencing solution, while its extremely costly its is superior, see it at the Perth Zoo









 Garrison Fencing

One of the more popular types of security fencing very sturdy and designed for fencing commercial properties and schools etc. Affording a greater level of intruder resistance than traditional chainmesh fencing, Garrison fencing is constructed from heavy duty tubular steel components and is perfect for those applications where a higher level of protection is required.








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