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Colorbond Fencing

We Supply and install Colorbond fencing to any requirements you need, 1.8 standard height to any height ranging from 900mm to 2100mm high and custom fabricated heights like 2.4m and higher, lattice can be included in any of these heights although there are recommendations that we advise since standard 1.8m high is the only guaranteed wind tested product. There are different style sheeting available ranging from standard trimdeck and same side profiles such as Wavelock, Zig Zag and Harmony manufactured by non preferred suppliers.

Colorbond products we supply and install

  • Gates
  • Plinths
  • 1.8m high
  • 2.1m high
  • Plinths
  • Lattice

Aussie FencingOur preferred and only recommended supplier is Aussie Fencing for all Colorbond, we have had a 10 year relationship with this company and they cater specially to all our needs.



Please check out the Colorbond DIY guide to get an idea of the product you may want Fosters Fencing to install







Concrete Panel and Post Retaining

We supply and install concrete panel and post retaining wall mainly coinciding with installing Colorbond fencing with heights ranging from 150mm to 1200mm or 1.2m high, panel and post retaining is dug in and concreted as deep as it is high. e.g 900mm high – 900mm deep, 750mm high – 750mm deep .Standard panels are 1.5m wide for high traffic load areas 1.1m wide panels are available. our preferred supplier we use for our concrete panel and post is Advanced Modular Retaining, their product is engineered and tested regularly.

Retaining work and heights we cater too

  • 150mm to 1200mm
  • Limestone look concrete panels and smooth finish panels
  • Removal & Disposal of old walls
  • Backfilling
  • Concrete Plinth Retaining under Colorbond

Advanced Modular RetainingIf there is any retaining that we cannot cater for Kim and his team can easily deal with any retaining issues with all the heavy machinery and know how for massive developments.



Please check out the Panel & Post DIY guide to get an idea of what you may want Fosters Fencing to install









Hardie Fence & Capping


We Supply and install Hardie Fence in some of the most difficult situations, now days Colorbond is cheaper to bye and cheaper to install, however Hardie fence has its positive notes by being dug in 600mm deep for maximum security not leaving gaps and can always have a nice continuous top, without steps as Colorbond sometimes has.
We are James Hardie accredited installers and have been working with hardy fence before Colorbond and Timber became popular replacements. Hardie Fence is a very effective product on a post and rail system as well which can offer greater heights than 1.8, as standard sheets are 2400mm high and dug in 600mm allowing a maximum height of around 1800mm high, post and rail Hardie fence however can offer up to 2.4m in height as the post and rails would support full sheets.
Hardie fence can also offer minimal retaining, not recommended but heights of up to 150mm to 200mm  where garden beds maybe along fence lines does not cause issues as it can with Colorbond.


Hardie Fence is available from all good hardware suppliers such as Bunnings



Please Check out the James Hardie DIY guide for Hardie Fence to find out if this product suits you

Hardy DIY Guide







Pinelap is the most commonly installed timber fencing, we like to install it using 3 rails ranging in max heights of 1.8m to 2.4m high, typically timber posts are used and we notch out sections to fit the rails, however steel posts can be used and are needed when core drilling Pinelap onto a limestone wall. After the post and rails are set for the Pinelap each paling needs to be nailed with even spaces allowing for a second paling to neatly lap on top creating the lap effect.

Pinelap and what we can do

  • 1.8m – 2.4m high
  • Gates
  • Pinelap using Steel Posts

Aussie FencingOur Pinelap comes from our main supplier Aussie Fencing. which uses timber from Wespine




Please check out the Pinelap DIY guide to get an idea of what you may want Fosters Fencing to install









Tubular Pool Fencing / Tubular Security Fencing

When installing pool fencing in needs to abide by pool regulations with the pool fencing itself having to have passed quality control, the product we used supplied by Aussie Fencing and can be installed around pools and spas quite cheaply and quickly for an experienced contractors such as us here at Fosters Fencing, we will make sure your pool fencing passes council regulations, with custom panels that can fabricated to get around tricky backyard situations that may occur such as steps or slopes.

What we offer with Tubular Fencing

  • Pool compliant Gates with self closing hinges & Magna Latch
  • Custom Fabrication of panels
  • Range of  designs like spear head, loop top and more in any colour with custom fabricated panels
  • Cheaper flat top tubular pool fencing in 5 colours. that’s built to last and comply with safety standards
  • Security Gates using Deluxe Lock Latches
  • In fills between Piers for front boundaries

Aussie FencingFor years the team at Aussie Fencing have fabricated all sorts of custom tubular fencing panels for us at Fosters Fencing, welded and powder coated in a very quick turn around time when we ask nicely


Please check out the Flat Top Tubular Pool Fencing Brochure to get an idea of what we could install for you










D&D Technologies

Deluxe Locks Hinges & Latches

D&D manufacture the best gate accessories from the Magna Latch used on almost every pool gate, spring loaded hinges for self closing gates, and the Deluxe Lock Latch with proper key lock from both sides for security gates

D&D products are easy to install and very reliable, so when installing custom gates and pool fencing we use nothing but the best